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The die forging manufacturer introduces the selection principle of parting surface for die and forgings.

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When die forging manufacturer designs die forgings, the choice of die-dividing surface should follow certain principles. First, all or most of the die forgings should be located in the same sand mold, or the main processing surface and the processing reference surface should be in the same sand mold, in order to prevent the wrong mold, casting size accuracy, and facilitate the molding and closing operation.

If there are many working surfaces of die forging, and it is impossible to place the datum plane on the same side of the parting surface with the datum plane, the processing datum plane and most of the working surfaces should be on the same side of the parting surface. At the same time, the number of parting surfaces should be reduced as far as possible, only one parting surface, which can simplify the operation process and improve the casting accuracy.

When choosing the parting surface of die forgings, the cavity and the main core should be in the lower shape as far as possible, so as to facilitate the molding, coring, fitting and testing the cavity size; but the lower cavity should not be too deep, and strive to avoid the use of hanging core and large suspended sand; at the same time, should try to choose the flat surface as parting surface, less curved surface, in order to simplify the manufacturing process. Mould and molding process; minimize the number of cores and loose blocks to simplify the mold making, molding, fitting and other processes.

In addition, the parting surface should be selected at the cross section of the die forging, and the pattern should be removed from the mold without damage to the mold. When selecting the casting parting surface, the casting quality should be avoided as far as possible. Generally, the casting position should be determined first, then the parting surface should be considered.

For die forgings with low quality requirements, the parting surface which can simplify the process should be selected first, and the selection of pouring position should also meet the corresponding requirements to ensure that the whole die forging can achieve the corresponding high quality.


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